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7x24x365 Support Team

Unlimited phone support

Our IT Professionals are available to your organization 7x24x365. Simply a phone call away. Unlike other IT Support Providers, our 2nd and 3rd shift staff is a competent as our 1st shift staff. Regardless of the issue; desktop support, satellite office VPN, Citrix server, our staff is always available to resolve the problem in a timely manner

Unlimited Remote Control Support

Once an issue has been called into our Support Center, a technician securely logs into the troubled device. This methodology saves valuable time and relieves the users from having to painfully attempt explaining the issue at hand. Our IT Professionals will collect rudimentary information about the issue from your staff and begin driving at resolution immediately

Unlimited On-site support

L4s on-site support is dispatched if either issue severity is of high priority or Remote Management is not providing adequate resolution in a timely manner. Either way, L4 has you covered

Strengthen Your Success Protfolio

7x24x365 means we are protecting you IT investments and Strengthening Your Success Portfolio with maximum uptime and related productivity

Service Availability Monitoring

L4 monitors key services and device stats within your network to ensure their health and availability to your organization. If something isn't functioning properly, we will know before you will. Basic service monitored are
Available Disk space
CPU Utilization
Free Memory
Free Virtual Memory
Network Card Utilization
ICMP (Ping) Response
FTP Service
WWW Service
SMTP service

Let L4s Monitoring Service simplify management of your IT infrastructure and extend the reliability of your network, servers and applications. L4s Network Monitoring and Management Solutions combine the industry's best hardware and software tools, with our Professionally staffed 7x24x365 Network Operations Center. Customers entrusting their IT infrastructure to L4 can focus their resources on developing and achieving success in their core business

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