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Online Asset Reporting

A growing trend in the world of IT is asset management. Our web based client is simple and easy to use. You will enjoy the ability to view your organizations historical and real-time asset data. Knowing what you have and where it is allocated is a powerful tool when operational and employee based changes need be made

Desktop Diligence

At scheduled intervals, L4 will perform workstation updates/ service packs and patching. On an as needed basis, workstation adjustments will be made to fine-tune your end users environment

Telco/ ISP Management & Circuit Monitoring

Ever wonder if you are receiving what you pay for with your data service? Do you experience issues on a regular basis? L4 knows the telco escalation process cold. We can mitigate the layers of Telco Technical Support so you don’t have to

Email/ FTP & Hosting Services

L4s Meshed E-mail, FTP and Web hosting solutions provide your business with fault tolerant & geographically redundant services. L4 can provide everything from proper Domain Name registration of your business to e-mail access through a your favorite e-mail client or web browser, whichever you prefer

Our servers are state of the art machines housed in multiple locations and connected via a mesh network. The Meshed redundancy allows L4 to provide you and your customers with the best possible access time and without bandwidth bottle necks

Placing servers in multiple locations allows our clients to rest assured their data is always safe. Full backups are performed on a daily basis and the updates are distributed to every sever on the Meshed network. So if one location goes down, your e-mail/ftp/web site continues to run at the next best location on L4s Meshed network

Event Log Monitoring

L4s geographically redundant web based log monitoring system proactively monitors your event logs to ensure you seamless productivity and alerts us of critical issues as they begin brewing. In addition to the auto alerting system, our staff manually reviews log reports throughout the day for any anomalous patterns

Log File Maintenance

Log files waste a tremendous amount space and resources on your servers. After review, L4 will provide a log maintenance schedule and archiving procedure to reduce storage needs and optimize your server performance

Drive Space Monitoring

L4 monitors drive space to provide clients with capacity planning and the ability optimize their storage arrays. Low disk space in a server based environment can be a painful experience. L4 can remove that variable from your network equation

MS Exchange Monitoring

An in-house Exchange server is a wise and significant investment into your organizations Success Portfolio. The crème de la crème of email servers also requires a good amount of attention. L4 can actively manage your inbound and outbound email queues, Tracking Center, Intelligent Message Filtering, verify that PoP/ IMAP/ SMTP and HTTP protocols are up and running properly.

Running an older version of Exchange, not an issue, we know all about BadMail stores (as they can gorw quite fast) and proper Exchange Database Compacting. We also continually verify NS Lookup functionality as well as IP Black Listing. As with all other L4 Subscription Services, Exchange Monitoring is no different, 7x24x365

Data Protection/ Backup Monitoring and Administration

Historical data is one of your organizations most valuable assets. Based on your business, industry and compliance guidelines, L4 will assess your backup needs and provide solid data protection/ backup and restore plans. Remember, backing up the proper information is only half of the Data Protection Plan…Restoration brings you full circle

L4 monitors you backup status and backup log files on a daily basis. We ensure that daily/ weekly and monthly jobs are running on schedule and completing without errors or data corruption. In the event a restore is required, L4 will manage the entire process

Data Replication/ Business Continuity Planning/ High Availability (DR)

Data Replication is facilitated by the need for continual real time backup and the existence of a fault tolerant system. Fault tolerant in the sense that the Loan Origination Server has a motherboard failure at 11am and the secondary server takes over by 11:05am. Applications that have ZERO tolerance for downtime

L4 will work with you to assess and define critical business assets and exposures and define how they are impacted in the event of a disaster. L4s Disaster Recovery plans will mitigate your organizations vulnerabilities in the event of a disaster. Utilizing L4s Best Practices, we will construct a customized Disaster Recovery plan for your organization, its key systems and data assets

L4s plan will clearly define instructions for failover, failback and server rebuilds. Our High Availability solutions are the logical compliment to you Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning. We will eliminate single points of failure within your network and plan for offsite data replication, where appropriate

Data can be replicated onsite, in one of our datacenters or a datacenter of your choice. Data Replication and Business Continuity Planning go hand in hand

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