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Strategic Security

Reduces threats and Keep Systems Secure

Maintaining system security is a challenge whether there are five or five hundred devices on your network. With new applications, server additions, users coming and going and everchanging file access privileges, the network is vulnerable to intrusion, misuse and attacks. Weather you want to lock down your network or have HIPPA, Sarbanes Oxley or other industry mandated security compliance requirements, L4 can assess and implement a strategy that serves all of you needs

Anti-Virus Software Management & Update

New viral threats arise every day, so it is absolutely critical that your server side virus engines are updated, quarantine is managed and client side app communicating with the parent. L4 monitors and manages all aspects of network security, antivirus software, firewall, VPN, Access Lists, IUDs and Content Filters

User Administration

L4 can manage and document you domain user additions or deletions in moments. Need to bump a user from their workstation perform a lockout, not a problem. L4 is very familiar with employee termination and data protection procedures

File Sharing Permission and Administration

L4 will review your existing File Structure, use of Groups and Group Policies. Findings will be presented and a team effort put forth to determine the correct file structure for your organization. This includes helping you develop a highly functional, clear file storage system and user based rights

Does accounting need access to estimating files..?? Is the executive folder viewable by the management team..?? Are user stores on the network secure from other users..?? L4 will assists and manage this entire process from administering the system to ensuring critical corporate data is protected

Security Administration

L4 will work you to ensure Best in Class Security Practices are in place and adhered to

Virus Definition and Prevention

L4 monitors your virus definitions to ensure you receive daily updates. Current definition files are one of your best defenses against infiltration and corruption

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