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Projects and Planning

Assigned CTO

Partners subscribing to the Professional or Premium CTO Service plan will have a dedicated Chief Technology Officer assigned. The CTO will manage and guide your technological decisions. These individuals have an average of 15+ years of technological experience and have resided in Technology Management positions throughout the industry

Scheduled CTO Calls

Your L4 CTO will be available for scheduled calls and technical discussions with any vendor working within your infrastructure. Specialized software rollouts integrating with Oracle/ SQL/ Citrix, not an issue. Your CTO will also be available to discuss strategic growth plans and additional ways that your business can leverage technology

Project Management

CEOs, Presidents and other executive staff members rarely have time to define a project scope or manage the implementation of a new upgrade, software rollout, systems integration, data migration or the implementation of a new backup system. L4s assigned CTO will oversee and manage your IT projects from start to finish

Annual Technology Plan

Each year L4 work with you to forecast your upcoming hardware and software requirements, develop a priority based list and establish the required budget

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