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Network Management

Every element on your organizations network requires continual maintenance and monitoring to maintain maximum performance, uptime and user productivity. L4 continually monitors all of the pertinent attributes, continually reviews and makes adjustments accordingly

Firewall Management

Hackers are creative and relentless. Without proper Firewall configurations/ monitoring and management, your organizations data can be at severe risk. L4 can easily secure and manage your Firewall needs

VPN Management

VPNs are secure data transmission ‘tunnels’ across the Internet by which you can access your network remotely. Hotel, Airport and Coffee Shop WiFi hotspots are the breeding gound for hackers and corporate espionage. Connecting your laptop to a WiFi network is a very dangerous proposition without the use of a VPN, preferably a Cisco Secure VPN. L4 can plan, configure and manage your VPNs. Restrict user access and log user activity

Router Management

Another critical device in the protection of your network is your router. L4 will develop you Access Lists, route and interface configurations, manage and monitor all of your in house routers

Asset Management

L4 will work with you to review your corporate assets and develop a Lifecycle Management Plan for both software and hardware

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