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About Us

L4 is a young company with powerful ideas and a better way of doing business. Information Technology is a forever evolving industry, which is why your organization deserves nothing less than the best available resources at their disposal. Weather you are looking for services to compliment your existing IT staff or completely supplement your IT needs, L4 is your most intelligent choice

L4s focuses on small-to-midsize organizations spanning all aspects of enterprise networking, including: Growth Based Network Design, Secure Remote Access, Remote Network Monitoring, Security and Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning. Our expertise is guaranteed to increase your organizations productivity and ROI. Just ask any of our clients

L4 develops innovative solutions by drawing on our wealth of knowledge in the areas of IT, Datacenters and Operations. Combining that knowledge with our pragmatic approach enables us to offer our clients practical solutions in a complex field


The Issues

Typically small businesses do not require a full time IT staffer or cannot afford to designate head count for this one-dimensional in house resource. While by-the hour IT consultants are a solution of sorts, they function like a band aid.

Waiting for your call when an issue arises and performing an on-the-spot fix, much like a band aid For organizations with a designated in-house resource, it is difficult for any single individual to be an expert in every specialized area that exists. In the simple case of monitoring, the monitoring servers cannot be housed within your facility, too many points of failure. The costs associated with building, managing and maintaining a comprehensive monitoring platform are prohibitive

Why would anyone pay $100 + per hour for on-the-spot support? There is absolutely nothing efficient about it

 The Solution

L4 delivers the most Equitable yet Innovative and Comprehensive Subscription Service bundles on the market. For Small businesses we level the IT playing field, for Big business we compliment their existing IT staff and provide in depth knowledge in highly specialized areas. L4 has the experience, ability and innovative spirit to maximize your work flow through our unique Return On Innovation ideology


Let Level-IV’s Innovation

Give your business a competitive edge over the competition - Smart IT. Click here to see if one of our off the shelf solutions fit your needs or call for a Free Analysis NOW 


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