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Why Use Level-IV

The largest expenses to your business associated with substandard IT Resources are reduced productivity, diminished workflow and outright downtime

With L4’s Monthly Subscription Services your organization receives two invaluable resources:
1) your network and devices are monitored and reviewed and employees alerted 7x24x365
2) your organization has unlimited 7x24x365 access to not our highly trained IT Professionals

Wondering how L4 can offer such excellent services at great rates, it’s simple, Distributed Costs and Shared Platforms. L4s Innovation comes from within, as we apply the same holistic methodology to our internal and backend workings as we do to our Partners solutions

Proactive is the KEY word at L4

L4 remotely monitors (from multiple geographically redundant locations) critical aspects of your organizations network/ devices/ services/ switches/ routers/ security devices and event logs. Statistical data is collected, correlated and reviewed. This system allows L4 to forecast and anticipate problems before they become critical issues and reduce your overall workflow

L4 will assign a dedicated Partner Manager to your organization. The PM will take the time and steps necessary to understand your business, core competency, goals and current technological state of affairs. From there the PM will identify a Streamlined Action Plan based on workflow that is facilitated/ achieved through technological means. The point, L4 will provide you with the right information to make the most effective technological decisions in a timely manner

L4 will also assist in all of your organizations technological purchasing, allowing you to tap our pool of collective industry knowledge, helping you find what you need, avoid what you have no use for and all at competitive rates from Best In Class Suppliers

No Matter when a problem occurs, seamless resolution is only a phone call

Our Support Professionals are not only highly skilled and certified, but unbelievably sharp individuals with a knack for making technical jargon understandable. Their focus is to understand you need and resolve the matter, it really is that simple

Remote Management is one of the tools used by L4s Support Professionals. Once a call is placed to our Support Center and the issue outlined, Remote Management of the device begins. This approach saves time, money and reduces end user frustration. Our Support Professionals take control of the troubled device allowing for first hand troubleshooting and immediate resolution

On site support is dispatched when Remote Trouble Shooting cannot resolve the issue. Your on-site technician will remain on-site until the issue is resolved

Keep in mind, everything outlined above is included in your low monthly rate. No additional charges, overtime, double time simply your low monthly rate

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